Review: One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser and My New Best Friend Shammy

Ever since I got a muslin cleansing cloth from Eve Lom’s line with my goop-themed Birchbox, I have been converted to the idea of using a cloth to wash my face.  Up until October, when I decided to give the Eve Lom muslin cloth a whirl, I was all about using my hands, which have worked just fine.   In fact, they are my most prized beauty asset, using them to wash up, apply and blend foundation and concealer and smother my skin in lotion and oils.  Hey, they work and they’re FREE.

But once I used the cloth, I knew why women liked to use a little “extra” when washing their faces: because it gives you a nice manual exfoliation that you just can’t get with your hands and for those of us who wear makeup, it helps loosen up the last bits left after you’ve used makeup remover.

The problem I have with the muslin cloth and wash cloths though is that they’re abrasive.  At least for me.   If I used it each time I washed, I noticed that after a couple of days, my skin started to dry out and feel irritated.  Not good.  So back to the hands it was….that is until I remembered that Luxe in Hoboken carried One Love Organics’ shammy.   I read up on it and decided that the worst that could happen would be that I hated it and wasted only $12 (considering some of my other wasteful past beauty purchases, like Creme Ancienne from Fresh at $200, this would be nothing).

My New Best Friend is my new best friend indeed, $12,

My New Best Friend is my new best friend indeed, $12,

One Love Organics’ website describes the “My New Best Friend” shammy as, “unlike the rounded threads of ordinary cotton cloth, which just push dirt along the surface of the skin, the numerous wedge-shaped fibers of microfiber actually capture particles of oil, bacteria, dirt and grime from your skin and pull them into the internal structure of the cloth and away from your skin. The result is a superior cleansing that eliminates the very environment (dirt, bacteria, oil and grime) in which skin conditions can erupt.”

SOLD!  I rolled up to Luxe on Friday and got myself one (thankfully a new shipment had arrived because they were all out a couple of weeks ago!).  And I even got a sampler set of the popular One Love Organics products.  Well, I got home and decided to give my new shammy a try along with the Easy Does It cleanser I had a sample of.

Wow.  Nice cleanser and a fabulous shammy.  While there was no way any cleanser could remove the amount of mascara and eye makeup I was wearing without the aid of makeup remover, this shammy did exactly what it said it would: removed my residual makeup from my face that I didn’t need extra eye makeup remover after my shower!  And it glides over skin, which would seem counterintuitive to good gunk removal, but it worked really, really well.

Easy Does It Cleanser is easy on your skin.  Combine with My New Best Friend Shammy for a super face cleansing duo that will banish makeup and grime.  $29,

Easy Does It Cleanser is easy on your skin. Combine with My New Best Friend Shammy for a super face cleansing duo that will banish makeup and grime. $29,

As for the Easy Does It cleanser, I loved it.  I foamed up just enough, smelled nice (but not too powerful) and rinsed easily.  I ended up getting a full-sized bottle at Luxe today because I like it so much, which is saying something because when it comes to skin care as opposed to makeup, I am soooo hard to please.  With makeup, I’m open to anything, from crazy eye makeup to dark lips.  With skin care, I am sometimes overly cautious because I fear that if something doesn’t agree with my skin, I will end up with an allergic rash that will turn into a psoriasis patch (it’s happened and it sucks).  However, I am very happy with the One Love Organics combo of the Easy Does It Cleanser and My New Best Friend shammy.

Verdict: If you are looking for a great way to wash your face, I recommend one or both products, which you can buy at Luxe in Hoboken or from One Love Organics’ website.

7 thoughts on “Review: One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser and My New Best Friend Shammy

  1. Great review! Well written reviews are my pleasure reading. Don’t know why. As such, my new pure pleasure book is don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me, by Paula Berguon. I just reviewed it.

    • Thanks so much!

      I LOVE Paula and her products. Have you signed up for It’s basically the book online. It used to be subscription only, and I totally paid for it, but now that it’s free, I feel like every person should sign up and get educated so they don’t waste their money AND can find products that will work. I am an avid fan of Paula.

      • Good to hear more good stuff about her. I literally could not tear myself away from this book – it was like the holy grail. I read and read. All my questions were answered, hope that I could afford to be beautiful started rising, and I saw myself crossing off products and reducing the price of products in my mind. I’m glad someone who’s tried more of her stuff and advice can confirm that she’s great.

      • She is fantastic. I love her web-radio show, too. Always great advice. I would highly recommend you try her Resist Intense Repair Retinol Serum and her 2% BHA lotion or liquid, and her 10% AHA body lotion. Or the 2% BHA body lotion. The body lotions are totally unique to the beauty market and work. She’s the secret to why people keep telling me I look like I’m 24 instead of 31. Well, her and the fact that I act like I’m a child. LOL. She just came out with a new line of lip glosses that I’m going to order because I’m sure they’ll be utter amazing.

  2. Thank you so much Ariel for your thorough review and for writing about One Love Organics. There is nothing like the shammy on the market-we spent over a year developing this fabric exclusively for us by a microfiber manufacturer. When I am in a super hurry, the shammy and water are all I use to cleanse my face in the morning. And for meetings, there is nothing like a shammy to quickly blot my face and walk in shine free.

    • You are so welcome. I love giving props to great products.

      As for the blotting idea, that is a great use for the shammy. I might have to get another one just to keep on hand for that since my face tends to get oily in the t-zone and I won’t waste paper with blotting sheets. Love it!

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