Daily WTF: Dragon’s Blood Face Cream?

Facelift in a Jar? Hardly.

The Daily Mail reported today that Rodial has launched a line of face creams called “Dragon’s Blood” and it’s used my Angelina Jolie to keep her skin looking firm and youthful.  Um, first of all, look at the packaging.  Do we see a problem? Yes, it’s called JAR PACKAGING.  So whatever magical properties this face cream may or may not have, they are totally useless if the packaging doesn’t keep out air, light and your dirty fingers.  Oxidation and bacteria wreak havoc on even the best creams if they are not packaged property.  So already, this is a totally bogus product.

As for the “Dragon’s Blood” aspect of this cream, it’s just marketing hype.  Clever and clearly targeted at invoking the magical qualities associated with fictional creatures, but since dragons exist, where is Rodial getting the name from?

“Dragon’s Blood is made from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree “

Sangre De Drago Tree

What is the sangre de drago tree?  According to WebMd:

“Sangre de Grado [also knows as Sangre de Drago, which is what Rodial and other sources call it, FYI] is a tree that grows in the Amazon region of South America. The tree bark and sap are used to make medicine.

Sangre de Grado or SP-303, one of the chemicals it contains, is used for diarrhea associated with cholera, AIDS, traveling, or treatment with antibiotics. Sangre de Grado is also used for treating cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), viral respiratory infections, fever, hemorrhage, bleeding gums, wounds, broken bones, vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, a skin condition called eczema, and insect bites and stings. Other uses include treating ulcers of the mouth, throat, stomach, or intestine; supporting the body’s tissue repair mechanisms; and as a general tonic.”

Sangre De Drago Sap

Also, it’s topical skin application seems a little beyond just a “facelift in a jar”:

“Some people apply Sangre de Grado or SP-303 directly to the skin for treating herpes simplex virus (types 1 and 2). Some women use it for flushing the vagina before childbirth.”

So…yeah.  Sangre De Drago (or Sangre de Grado) sap seems to have some real benefits, but a facelift in a jar doesn’t seem to one of them.  It seems like this is some awesome marketing by Rodial. While I’m sure there is some of this tree sap in there (couldn’t find a list of ingredients), it seems that for it to have any effect, you need to apply more than just the amount that’s going to be in a jar.

Also, Rodial has a  line called “Glamoxy Snake Range”  which is “inspired” by the Temple Viper venom.  Clever, clever Rodial!  By putting “inspired by” in there, they don’t actually have to put any snake venom in there!  How sly!

Ugh, please don’t fall victim to this advertising b.s. Remember, proper skin care has to be more than hype.  The ingredients have to work and the packaging needs to keep the product’s ingredients stable.


4 thoughts on “Daily WTF: Dragon’s Blood Face Cream?

  1. I’m a relatively new reader, and I ADORE how you keep it real. I wish I had read your post on BB creams before I fell for the hype and bought the Garnier one and tried to convince myself it was changing my life. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have someone like you to read- someone who encourages skepticism, while still enjoying all the fun stuff the world of beauty has to offer. Thank you!

    • Jessica, thank you so much for your kind comment. You totally “get” what my blog is about and you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I got caught up in the excitement of BB Creams and esp. the release of the Garnier one too, but was utterly disappointed when I read the ingredients, so you’re not alone in getting your hopes up. It’s what keeps the industry rollin’ in the dough. But yes, at the end of the day, the world of beauty is totally fun and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my beauty obsessions and adventures with my readers. Thanks again and stop back soon! XOXO NY

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