Old Men Pretending To Be Young

Michael Douglas is doing it.  And now Harrison Ford is copying his style.  What are these old men up to?  Dying their hair back to their youthful brown color. Why? Maybe it’s because both men have much younger wives and they are trying to keep up?  Maybe there was an AARP “men’s dye special” at the local barbershop in LA?  Who knows what the reasons are, but let’s just hope George Clooney doesn’t feel the need to jump on this train.

Grey hair is OK on men, while brown hair plus wrinkles just looks silly.  Sorry gents, but you don’t get the Nouveau Yuppy Seal Of Approval. You’re fooling no one and looked better with your natural greying color.

Harrison Ford and his Hans Solo color meets Clooney cut ‘do.

Sexy in Grey: Harrison Ford in January with wife Calista Flockhart.


Michael Douglas looking age appropriate










Michael Douglas as his new ‘do.

2 thoughts on “Old Men Pretending To Be Young

  1. Just for your information: Michael just dyed and curled his hair for his upcoming roll as Liberace in ‘Behind the Candelabra’, not to look younger…

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